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EL Rey Farms started when Rey and Elsie Martinez passed their chile business over to their daughter and son in law. A few years back we took over the roasting business. We have twelve roasting machines to roast your chile for you. We start taking orders for the chile on July 15th. You call and place your order for what type of chile you want. Starting in 2011 you can order your chile online, at elreyonline.com. We have Mild, Medium, Hot, Xhot, XXhot, Yellow or Jalapeno chiles. You choose what date you want to pick up, and what time you would like to pick up. If you want fresh or roasted chile. You pick up the chile in La Puente. Order your chile early as the chile sells out faster and faster each year. The Double X, Yellow and Jalapeno are special order chiles.

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Hatch chile, the freshest in Southern California