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We have been bringing fresh Hatch Chile from New Mexico to California since 1970. Our chiles are picked from the field and go right into a refrigerated trailer. We have the freshest Hatch chiles you can get in Southern California. Hatch chiles are the best chiles you can get, check out why. We offer several types of green chiles, from Mild with little to no heat, to Extra Extra Hot, we call it Double X, which is too hot for most people. We also have the hot variety of Jalapeno's and Guerito's, that are also called yellows.   

EL Rey Farms

El Rey Farms chile is the freshest Hatch chile in Southern California.
Red Chile pods
Jalapeno chile's

We can also roast your chiles for you.  You can order Fresh or Roasted green chiles. We bring in four to five loads of chiles each year. You call and preorder your chiles and then pick it up on the date and time specified.   Or you can order your chiles, green or red online at  our online store, www.elreyonline.com
You can order red chile pods or green or red chile powder all year. You can pick up the pods or powder in Whittier, CA. or we can ship your red chile or powder to you. Click on types of chiles and check out the different types of fresh green chiles we sell. Click on Red chile and Chile powder to see  the red chile pods and powder we sell.

Yellow chile's
Extra Extra hot, called Double X
If you want the best chile you can get, this is where you go.
 562 - 946 - 8040
 562 - 946 - 9423
Email: chile@elreyfarms.com
Our chile IS Hatch chile
Medium, also known as Big Jim

We sell 7 types of fresh chiles. We also have Sun dried pods and machine dried pods plus Green and Red chile powder.

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